Pleasant Lake, Annandale, MN

To improve the water quality and conservation of

Pleasant Lake for all to enjoy.


  • Kevin Bergstrom, President / Chairman
  • Kyle Bauman, Vice President / Vice Chairman
  • Gale Bergstrom, Secretary
  • Jim Kelso, Treasurer
  • John Sedey, Director
  • Dave Lundberg, Director
  • Jill Gruys, Director
  • Kelli Bronder, Director
  • Jeff Harkman, President / Chairman Emeritus


Annandale, MN 55302  -  Wright County


[email protected]

Mailing address: P.O. Box 71, Annandale, MN 55302

At all PLIA sponsored events including but not limited to PLIA Happy Hour, PLIA Walk/Run, and​ PLIA Annual Picnic, I agree to participate at my own risk and will not hold PLIA or any individuals liable for injury and/or damage. 

PLIA Meeting Dates

All are welcome!

  • August 20th, 2022 - Annual Meeting Annandale City Pavillon
  • November 26th, 2022 - Board Meeting Corrina Township Hall 9 am


PLIA Walk/Run Tee Shirt Contest Details

- Your work must be original!

- You may use up to 3 colors. This includes artwork and letter colors.

- The design should be no larger than 8 1/2" x 11".  The design will be scaled to fit the tee shirt.

- Any media may be used that is suitable - crayons, markers, paint, digital, ???

- The design must be suitable to be printed on a tee shirt - content wise and design wise.  Too much detail may be difficult!

- To submit your design - send to [email protected] com or email plia at the same address and we will try to arrange pickup.

- All entries are due by the end of June 24th, 2022.

See Tee Shirt Contest Flyer Here!

Surveys of our lake



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